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Dear Friend,

Give me 5 minutes and I'll change the way you view the rest of your life.

No matter what it is you wish to do...

Be it learning to be a better cook, running in your first marathon or becoming the CEO of a billion dollar company. Any man or woman who ever set out to do such a thing made it a personal goal first.

The feeling a person gets just after climbing Mt. Everest is the direct result of them knowing how to take certain steps to reach their dream.

That knowledge got them there.

How long has it been since you got such a feeling of accomplishment?

What Are Your Dreams? Your Aspirations?

What in this world do you want to do before it's too late?

And what did you do today to get you closer to your goal? (If you haven't done anything yet, it's not too late. I'll tell you more in just a bit.)

If you want to change your life forever, you'll master the ability to set a goal - then reach out and grab it.

If you can finally discover how to successfully reach your goals - nothing in this world can stop you.

"See How Easily You Can Reach The Life You've Always Dreamed!"

Deciding in one moment to get out of debt can seem very overwhelming.

Taking the first step towards starting your own business can seem like you're jogging the first lap of the Indianapolis 500.

But what successful people know which others don't...

...is if you meet your goals by tackling them realistically, step by step, and with confidence then nothing is impossible.

My 60 page book, "How To Achieve Your Dreams By Setting Goals The Right Way," tells you how to do just that.

This thoroughly researched manual can be downloaded straight to your computer. And it's packed full of secrets on how YOU can achieve your dreams.

In fact...

Here's Just Some Of The Powerful Knowledge
You'll Find Inside...

  • The one technique that is used by professional athletes, successful business people, and high achievers in all fields.
  • 9 areas of your life you need to prioritize NOW if you want to be successful with lifetime goal setting.
  • How to avoid sabotaging your own success.
  • An easy way to plan your lifetime goals to make sure you're not left with any failed wishes.
  • Small ways that you can prepare today for goals 20 years away.
  • What successful goal setters do when they plan for results.
  • 4 ways to take a close look at goals you've achieved for maximum benefit.
  • 5 crucial methods for questioning your goals to make sure they truly match up to what you desire.
  • How thinking too much of others can actually be a bad thing.
  • How too much goal setting can leave you with the wrong results - and when to say enough is enough.
  • The secrets of Quantum Leaps, and I'm not talking about the TV show.
  • The one thing that is probably holding you back the most.
  • The little known struggles even successful people go through when achieving their goals. Know that you are not alone.
  • 10 questions to ask yourself when considering your career goals.
  • The "Who, What, Where, When, and How" method to choosing your career path - this little exercise could change your life.
  • The "5 steps" John is going to take over the next three months to put him into a position to be company president in 10 years.
  • 4 strategies to use when setting up your bullet-proof action plan.
  • The secret value in planning your life backwards.
  • 4 active ways to make sure you follow through on your goals.
  • The little known fact that even the most fit people around us don't always work out 7 days a week - and you shouldn't set goals that tell you to do so!
  • 12 questions to ask yourself when planning realistic exercise goals.
  • 35 goal setting questions that will help you discover happiness in relationships.
  • What successful people know about the saying, "Most people don't plan to fail; they just fail to plan," that you don't!
  • 4 simple as kindergarten steps to financial success.
  • 7 tips to start doing today to secure your financial future.
  • Why people who set goals also know how to help set goals for their children - like getting better grades.
  • The little known goal-setting system that seems to work for everyone who's tried it.
  • 10 questions to ask yourself when planning your artistic goals.
  • The one element that will make sure you stay motivated.
  • 20 ways to keep yourself motivated long term.
  • 10 practical "Do's and Dont's" for setting goals that can change your life.
  • Why "time management" really is a falsity!
  • 15 "time-stealers" to be aware of and to watch out for!
  • 9 hazardous time management issues and how to effectively deal with them once and for all.
  • 4 ways to maximize your use of time for total efficiency.
  • 6 symptoms of stress that may be telling you you're doing too much.
  • 5 steps to managing stress like a superstar.
  • And much much more...

"If You Don't Start Taking Chances Today, You'll
Hate Yourself Later!"

The worst thing that can happen is that you wake up in ten years and realized you missed a great opportunity.

No matter what you want to do. Write a novel. Become a multi-millionaire. Change your diet. Get better grades. Take up a new hobby. Run for office. Learn another language. Do some spring cleaning. Or whatever your heart desires.

It all starts with taking the first step.

And that step is on page 5 of this manual.

But it won't just explain how to reach your goal of losing 15 pounds. It'll show you, step by step, how to completely change the way you live your life.

Starting with life time goals, and starting with page 7, I'll show you how successful people start planning their life 20 years in advance.

Here's Just A Few Unsolicited Comments...

"Great Tips...Thank You For The Push"!

"Hello Cliff

"Thank you for the great tips.

"I have procrastinated my project into being 4 months late (it is a complex project) My goal now is to launch at the end of this month.

"Thank you for the push."

Alan Gray
California, USA


"Valuable Information :)"!

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"I've read your book and it was great! I also followed up with your recommendation it was fantastic.

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Can you imagine?

Where do you want to be in 10 years? 5 years? Next month?

When you flick through this manual, you'll find the value of planning your life backwards. (you'll see what I mean on page 29)

Successful people are dreamers.

They envision what their life will be like in 20 years.

But then they take steps today to make sure it happens. "How To Achieve Your Dreams By Setting Goals The Right Way", will take you by the hand and have you on your way to success in no time flat!

And it will instantly help you figure out what you can do right now to launch yourself into a position to make your dream become a reality.

"All men dream: but not equally...the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."

T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)
"Seven Pillars of Wisdom"

You can massively improve your life right now.

Remember I asked you before what you had done today to bring yourself closer to your goals for tomorrow? If you can't think of anything, then decide right now that reading this letter from me to you was your first step.

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"Girls whom i use to run for a date are now fighting to date me!

"Sir, what I am telling is not a lie but a simple truth your book has given me all or it's YOU who have given me a new lease of life.

"Thank you a ZILLION TIMES & looking forward to your other writings. Ever yours"

- India.

My guide is 60 pages of goal-setting, goal-planning, and goal-achieving proven to work. It took more hours than you want to know to put this together. And it took lifetimes for the knowledge inside to be discovered.

So please use these secrets. Be happier, wealthier, healthier and fulfill your dreams.

Now you're probably thinking this powerful knowledge will be expensive.

And it should be!

But it isn't.

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Now that I've shown you this no-risk way to achieving your dreams ...the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know you have a strong interest in making your dreams come true . All that's left is to take the action to do it.

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I'm looking forward to hearing
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Clifford Mee - Author & Information Publisher

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Certified Master Ericksonian Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board Of Hypnotherapy)
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner

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